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The Politics of Consciousness

"If the pursuit of happiness, enshrined in our nation's founding documents, means anything, it means the right to explore one's own mind using traditional substances and approaches. The Politics of Consciousness is long overdue and well done." 
-Terence McKenna

"The Politics of Consciousness is a rallying cry to launch a patriotic campaign of national liberation and re-capture our freedom of thought. Profound in its implications." 

-Chris Conrad

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

"From Booklist , December 15, 1996. Rosenthal and Kubby offer crisp, well-reasoned argument for legalizing marijuana, obviously suffering none of the short-term memory loss said to afflict the pothead as they proceed and never, never letting a sentence trail off in an ellipsis. They contend that most of the evidence against marijuana is overblown, misinterpreted, or false and that the war on the weed has harmed society more than the drug itself ever could. After decades of government-sponsored antipot propaganda, and with California passing a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for medical applications, this is a timely read. Selected Doonesbury strips illustrate main points and lighten the overall mood appropriately, and an intensive notes section provides readers with sources for further research as well as documentation. 

-Mike Tribby, American Library Association

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